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Introducing XERO - the way accounting AND accountants should be.

By using a continual service approach along with cloud based accounting software, Xero, we are able to process your accounts continuously throughout the year. This means that when year end comes, unlike most accountants we are not inundated with 12 months worth of work from every client. At 30 June we are up to date and ready to process the year end entries. So if the banks are anxious for figures, they can be produced quickly and without the normal stress.

Seven Reasons Why XERO "will blow you away"

1. Live bank feeds - means no more keying bank statements

2. Repeating invoices
- means it remembers what to do

3. It has an iPhone application - means you are mobile

4. It's online - means you can login anywhere

5. Expense claims - means no more hassles

6. It's in the "cloud" - means it "talks" to other programs

7. One General Ledger - means no re-processing by accountants

How do you get started? 

Contact us today and one of our XERO accredited staff can let you know how XERO can benefit you.

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