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Major changes to tax and superannuation have just been approved by the Government in early December 2016.  


These are the biggest changes in the last 10 years. They are significant.


Most of these changes will take place on 1 July 2017.


That's why we need to start planning ASAP with you.

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After eleven months of campaigning, the US has now voted and elected it's 45th President, Donald Trump.  


The election of Donald Trump to the presidency creates a great deal of uncertainty over both the economic and policy outlook for the US.

In the short term, the key point to consider is how this uncertainty will impact confidence amongst households and businesses.

What should you do?

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How to not lose your family wealth?

Family wealth can take a lifetime to accrue, but can also disappear in an instant through poorly considered generosity.   


This 3 minute read may be one of the most important articles you have ever read!


Many parents and grandparents are often willing to help younger generations with funds toward a house or education. It's a wonderful gift – but there can also be some serious traps.


The person who receives the funds (called the "beneficiary") needs to ensure that any early inheritance isn't later caught up in a matrimonial or estate planning dispute, just because it hasn't been thought through.


Here are two strategies to help you avoid losing your accrued family wealth, and still be generous!

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The Australian Tax Office (ATO) have released new tax tables that will take effect next week – whether you pay wages or receive a regular wage, here are some tips to get you ready for the changes.   


It's been a turbulent few months behind the scenes since the Australian Government's budget announcements back in May, with many of them finally being introduced to parliament late last month.


The most notable of them is when the 37% marginal tax rate kicks in for individuals, with the tax threshold proposed to increase from $80,000 to $87,000.

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Many aren't aware that they can claim home office expenses.  Whether your self-employed, a business owner or an employee - do you perform some of your work from home? If you do, here is a quick summary of the tax rules, and what home office expenses are allowed.


Even if the room in your home is not set aside solely for work-related purposes, you may be able to claim a deduction for the costs you incur in running your home office.

Home Office expenses fall into the following categories:


·       Running expenses relating to income earning activities

·       Telephone expenses

·       Depreciation on equipment

·       Occupancy expenses where the home is a place of business

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